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Shirtless mahesh Babu

Penulis : Kreviewed PingNw on Monday, 13 February 2012 | 21:36

We have some very exclusive news about Prince Mahesh Babu for you folks. We have learnt from reliable sources that Mahesh Babu has hired Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt’s personal trainer for a whopping amount of about 1 Crore. The trainer, Greg Joujon-Roche, has been specially flown in to Hyderabad by Mahesh Babu and he will train Mahesh for a period of 4 months. The specialty of this trainer is that he ensures zero loss in facial charm while achieving a lean and mean physique.
There will be a sequence in Sukumar’s upcoming film where Mahesh Babu will be required to take off his shirt and the Prince wants to make a strong and stunning impact with that scene. Mahesh Babu was reportedly so impressed with the scene that he is going all out to come up with a stunningly fit look. As it is, girls swoon over the handsome Mahesh Babu whenever he is seen onscreen. Just imagine the hysteria that will break out if he appears topless with a stunningly fit body!coutesy:ebc
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